About Us

Who We Are

 Miss Noir Shop is a Los Angeles-based, black-owned premium hair company. Our mission is to be the last place you’ll ever shop for hair. 

  Bad hair can easily kill your confidence. I hated buying hair that would tangle as soon as I washed it. I spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to find quality hair. So… I started my journey to find what I was looking for! I found it! Now, I sell it. Easy enough. 

  We like to look good, we feel good by doing so- having great hair boosts your confidence. Walking out of the salon feeling fly, a compliment that your hair looks “bomb”… that’s what we’re after. 

We have no gimmick hair, it’s simple, virgin, aligned cuticle hair. We make sure it’s manufactured for minimal shedding. Our customers come back for different textures and they send their friends. We take pride in what we do. Hair is SERIOUS business around here. We’re different and we are proud of that.